The 'War on Doctors' ramps up (December 2014)

Now, we're fighting for ALL of you.


With the Australian Federal Government's recent CUT to GP Medicare payments,  there is no doubt left (if there ever was any!) that the medical profession is under siege.

All GPs in Australia, please contact us, asap, regarding this latest assault on doctors from the federal government.


We are now increasing our advocacy to cover not just the 4750+ Aussie GPs whose Medicare was secretly frozen in 1992 (they're on half Medicare for the exact same work and responsibility!!) but we will now fight for ALL GPs.


We have over 35,000 Australian supporters who value Aussie doctors! Come and read their comments to help keep your spirits up :)  


And most of all,  to help you stay in medicine.


  GPs: Sign-up Here!

Fair Go for Doctors

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