One example of the current pay discrimination between so-called “VR” and “Non-VR” General Practitioners


DVA Std Nursing Home consult: “VR” 7 patients:                      $51.55

DVA Std Nursing Home consult: “Non-VR”(“LMO”) 7 patients:    $26.75

DVA Std Nursing Home consult: “Non-VR” 7 patients:                   $17.85

(Average 20 min consult).


Please Note: all the above GPs


* Have to give the exact same level of patient care (unsupervised)

* Have identical rights to order whatever medical tests, or prescribe any medical

intervention, they deem appropriate

* Have to take the exact same level of patient responsibility

* Have to pay the exact same level of professional indemnity insurance




The “VR” GP gets almost TRIPLE the remuneration from Medicare* than the “Non-VR” ("Non-LMO") GP


The “VR” GP gets virtually DOUBLE the remuneration from Medicare than the “Non-VR” ("LMO") GP does, despite IDENTICAL work, qualifications and responsibility.


This pay discrimination is not only utterly sickening…

It is ILLEGAL in Australia.




And if the GP only “bulkbills”

Please note: If the "non-VR" GP only "bulkbills" then the HALF Medicare payments from the government have to pay for all salaries and wages for the surgery staff (including super etc), office rent, the doctor's liability insurance, workers compensation premiums, other insurances, utilities, all their other practice costs etc etc ... before the GP themself starts to gets paid!!




So-called "Non-VR" GPs are also "ineligible" for govt bonuses

Various other payments and bonuses are made to "VR" GPs: for example “practice incentive payments”, bonuses for visiting nursing home patients, etc etc. These can all add up to substantial amounts which help pay practice bills. Such bonuses mean that “VR” GPs - who themselves are constantly struggling to remain in medicine anyway on the Medicare payments they get, can at least keep their practices open.


Imagine how much harder it is for the Australian born and Australian trained so-called “Non-VR” GP

who doesn’t get these payments in any shape or form!

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