Who’d be a doctor at this price?

A breather! A time to rest, regroup, encourage further unity... and plan

Well, for the PRESENT, it appears the federal government’s latest monstrous attack on GP Payments, and its intention to further massively devalue General Practice, has been stopped.

Here is information on what was PLANNED to be sprung on GPs and the public from the 19th January 2015...


"There's no doubt about it whatsoever...

Medicine in Australia is well and truly under attack.


For some years, the Medicare payment for a "Level B" standard consultation (e.g.: 9 minutes) for GPs paid normal Medicare payments* has been approx.  $37


Come 19 January 2015, this payment, whether direct to the doctor (“bulk-billed”) or to the patient (as a rebate on a private consult) will be CUT by $20, to only $16.95.


THEN, come July 1, another $5 will go from that common Medicare service, taking the effective Medicare payment to an utterly insulting $11.95 (!!!)


(*Note: At that stage, the 4700+ Australian GPs on HALF Medicare will only get $6 for this same service... For anyone still in doubt, it's very clear that the whole "VR" register was really about controlling the medical profession and seeing how low GPs would go regarding Medicare.)

Well, guess what, Federal Government?!

Even medical care is bound by the rules of supply and demand! 

A transaction of value has to occur so that doctors will simply be able to continue to work.  For if GPs don’t get paid enough for their services, why won’t they just simply leave medicine??


Then what kind of primary care can Australians look forward to, in coming years?

It's time for the Medical profession, and the public, to unite together as never before. 

Already we have over 35,000 active supporters on Facebook.

They know  - and treasure - the value of our hardworking Aussie GPs.

 Support Fair Go for Doctors

and finally we will UNITE to save Australian General Practice

and the future of Primary care...
For the benefit of all Australians :)  "



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